Awaken Abundance: 5-Day Transformation for Spiritual Practitioners and Coaches

Awaken Abundance: 5-Day Transformation for Spiritual  Practitioners and Coaches

Want to revamp and take your business to the next level?

As a spiritual coach or practitioner…

I understand the challenges you might be facing…

I get the frustration of you trying to get clients…

But still struggling to attract them.

I get it…

Most coaches and practitioners I have worked with have been through these challenges…

And guess what?

They all used some of my strategies that completely changed their business.

Luckily I am going to teach some of those strategies to you…

In my Awaken Abundance: 5-Day Transformation for Spiritual Practitioners and Coaches.

Are you a spiritual practitioner or coach doing one-on-one sessions?  

This challenge is for you if-

  • You’re not making the money you want…
  • You’re struggling to attract clients…
  • You’re worried about your coaching career…
  • You’re struggling to maintain your business…

Think of this challenge as your ultimate solution for Business, Marketing, and Sales.

In this 5-Day Challenge for Spiritual Practitioners and Coaches, you’ll totally revamp the way you do business and step into a more profitable life.  

Day 1 - Tracking Your Numbers

Looking at your numbers - you can’t improve your income until you track it - and I've got a spreadsheet that will tell you if you business model will actually make you the money you want without running you into the ground to do it.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - This is a fancy corporate term for defining what works for bringing in cash so you don’t spin your wheels working on stuff that doesn’t make you money.

Day 2 - Improving Your Numbers

Pricing - If you’re not charging enough for your services, then you won’t make enough money no matter how hard you work.

Scheduling, packages, and referrals - how to structure your business and the way you interact with clients to both make them feel more held and guided in the process while increasing the amount that they spend with you.

Day 3 - Mindset

  • Are you focused or doing the panic/pivot dance?
  • Where are you blocking the flow of money into your business?
  • Attracting broke clients?  Here’s why.
  • Are you running a business or a charity?

Day 4 - Marketing

How much marketing are you doing and where are you doing it?  We’re going to analyze your current marketing and put in place a plan for moving forward powerfully.

Day 5 - Upleveling Your Income

Increasing Lifetime Value - Getting a new client is the hardest part of business.  So ideally, you want to work more with each one. Today we’ll be looking at upsells and other ways to increase the average amount you make from each client.

At the end of this challenge, you’ll have what you need to increase your income dramatically in your spiritual practice.

We spend an hour each day up-leveling the way you think about your business and getting you into the mindset of a business owner, not just a provider. 

And, yes, we do let you fast forward, rewind, and change the speed of the video.  (I hate it when people don't let you do that.)  And no, I don't take up a ton of time on the calls telling you about myself (I hate that too).  I did make a video for you so you could hear my story if you choose to, but it is not part of that hour of content.  I am a bit of a firehose - so come prepared to take lots of notes.  If you love what you got, you'll have a chance to sign up for more at the end of the program.  I'll be doing these types of calls once a month, plus a lot more. 

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