Boundaries For Empaths

Do you find that someone else's strong feelings can make you doubt your own?  Do you have a hard time knowing what YOU want, but are always really clear what everyone else wants? Are you constantly monitoring the emotional state of the room?  Then you're an empath.  You have a superpower which is the ability to read the emotions of those around you.  But it's also your kryptonite because it can overwhelm you and keep you from being able to focus on yourself.  

In this program, you'll get specific instructions on how to work with your own energy field to completely change your experience of life without losing your superpower.  This powerful program includes:

  • Instructional PDF with simple steps to shifting how you hold your energy field
  • Audio walking you through the process and a transcript of that audio (contains energetic download too)
  • A 38-minute audio of a live coaching call with clients explaining in detail the impacts of holding your energy field in this way

I promise you, you've never looked at your life in this way.  It will completely change your perspective and put you in the driver's seat.

1 Module

Boundaries for Empaths

How to change the way you hold your energy field to take back control of your emotions.

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