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Kelle Sparta and the Coaching Team

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Welcome To The Woo - Dropping the Veil of Fear

How happy do you feel today? 

What can you do to make yourself happier?  

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Ascend Spiritual Coach Marketing Program

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Spiritual Coach Certification Program

You’ve Got a Big Heart and an Even Bigger Mission


You know you’ve got a HUGE mission to uplevel the planet.

And that mission is so big that it kinda scares you when you think about it, so you don’t think about it much.

But it sits in the back of your brain calling to you – begging you to uplevel into your potential.

But how do you do that?  It’s unclear.

So you keep doing your mini-classes, your private sessions, and the occasional online retreats hoping that the Universe will pipe up at some point and tell you what to do next.

Well, that time is now.  And the Universe is calling.

What if you could nurture newly-awakened people through their spiritual awakening?

That would certainly make a dent in that upleveling the planet goal.

And if you could do it as part of a team of people, you wouldn’t have to be responsible for it all yourself.  You’d be making a bigger impact.

And, best of all, you wouldn’t have to continue to go it alone.

Imagine a business that looks like this:


You get up in the morning and relax with your coffee – not checking emails or fielding questions.

You do your morning meditation and stretching/yoga and then sit in your favorite chair.

You open your discussion group and field a few questions and give feedback on a few assignments that came in overnight. Twenty minutes later, you’re done.

You post an event for your next feeder class (the one you run to get people to sign up for your bigger program).

You reach out to the organizers of the Wellness event happening in your area and sign up for a booth and a speaking spot.

You look at your schedule and get excited about the personal growth event you’re attending (and get to write off) this weekend.  You know you’ll likely find a client or two there while you get the benefit of the work for yourself.

You check on the ads you’ve got running and see how they are doing. Wow, that conversion rate is awesome! Your list is growing by leaps and bounds.

You look at your calendar and see how many Discovery Calls have been booked – ooh there are more than you expected, it’s going to be a good month!

You make sure to put your lunch with the girls and your time doing your favorite hobby on your calendar now so that no one books a discovery call into those slots.

And then you turn your attention to that passion project you’ve been putting off for years.


A couple of hours later, your reminder goes off and you get on your group coaching call with the 11 clients you’ve got booked into the program. They are getting so much out of the course materials, and they’ve got a few questions.

An hour later, your clients are all happy and you’re done with delivering on your coaching for the next two weeks. It’s all online support between now and then.

Time for a relaxing lunch with your favorite person.

In the afternoon you have a Discovery call and sign on a new client – oops, your group is getting full. You might have to start a new group soon – that’s a high-quality problem!

It’s 3pm and you’re done with your work day with plenty of energy left for your life.

And now, let’s do the math.


Each client is paying $2997

So if you sign just 1 client a week,you’re bringing in over $10,000/mo.

And best of all? You didn’t have to write anything.

🎉 You didn’t have to design a course.


🎉 You didn’t have to write follow-up email sequences.


🎉 You didn’t have to record videos.


🎉 You didn’t have to write and test lead magnets.


🎉 You got to skip the months (or years, let’s be honest when did you have the time to do that?) planning your course and the five years of market testing and research.


🎉 You got to jump to the end where the business just works and brings in cash like clockwork.


Why did you get all these benefits?


🎉Because you – smart person that you are – opted to get certified in a proven system where all the work is done for you.

Proven Coaching Business In a Box!

How did that sound? Is that the life you’d like to have?

Well, that life is closer than you could imagine!

In just six months, you could be launching your new group coaching program with a proven product with great testimonials, amazing content, and real results. 

Welcome To The Woo Coach Certification Program

What is the Welcome To The Woo Program?
It is a 16-week program that brings your clients through their spiritual awakening and takes them from anxiety, worry, dread, and self-doubt, to a place of feeling safe emotionally, mentally, and energetically. They learn to see themselves and the world differently while learning to manage their own energy field. It addresses issues around:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Dread
  • Self-Doubt
  • Inner and Outer Judgement

And they build a solid foundation of:

  • Self-support
  • Courage

All while learning how to manage their personal energy and energetically protect themselves and their homes.

And, best of all, it runs on a rolling enrollment basis, so you’ll never have to do a launch. (If you’ve never done one, trust me, they’re exhausting.)


LOTS to think about. I'm so glad I signed up for this! The way you speak is straight forward and clear and I appreciate that. I enjoyed the all of the information and videos, especially. The self assessment forced me to bring to light my shadows and things I purposely stuffed down many many years ago. Would you believe I even had a lucid dream telling off my alcoholic dad. Something I always wanted to do but never gave myself permission to do - I was way way too young and after his death, my focus was helping my mom get herself back together. Anyway, I see it is a necessary evil from which this young Jedi had much to learn. Thank you for everything you do. JULZ

Jewell Freeman

I called Kelle today after finishing my program because I couldn't believe what had happened.  I read my self-assessment from the beginning of the program and I honestly didn't recognize myself.  I knew I hadn't exaggerated and that I had been totally honest about what was true for me at the time.  And now, I can't even imagine thinking that way.  This course is amazing!  Totally changed my life!

Elissa Beard

It's almost as if I do not have the same worries as previously. God, it feels like I'm reading a page from this program, but it honestly feels I don't have the same anxieties anymore. Like worrying about what someone else thinks about me. Worrying about others' safety. Worry about money. Just a ton of worry gone. And I've waited a few days just to make sure it sticks, and it hasn't wavered. I am also able to maintain my energy levels after MONTHS[!!!!!!] of no energy. So I'm just really happy

Tiffany Williams

My take away is revelatory and huge for me! I see the big tangle of issues in front of me for the first time! The tangible things. The things that I can actually for the first time nail down, call it by its name and address it in my physical world with change!! This is monumental for me.

 So much is coming  through this remarkable program. The thing I have appreciated most about it is that each step is a tangible  action. Something I can actually implement into my daily life. There isn’t any ”fluff” here. Only good information and great direction to challenge how we really live our daily lives and how we view those lives. I have gotten so much out of this.

Laura McGuire

Working with Kelle through the program is changing my life! The different steps, practices, videos, zoom meetings, all of it challenged my thoughts, beliefs and emotions. I’ve suffered from depression on and off my whole life for different reasons. I’ve sought counseling over the years. Nothing compares! It’s truly the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Kelle has many many gifts, but the gift of understanding human emotions and helping others figure it all out is where she is most blessed! I’m a work in progress but well on my way to being a healthier and happier me! Thank you Kelle does not sound like enough, but I learned from you....it is <3 Rated 5 out of 5

Faith DuFour

"I really don’t know what to say about [my earlier self assessments from when I started the program.] They were really hard to reread. When I wrote them, it is easy to see that I was in a great deal of pain and was treading water through it all just trying to survive. Really, I was. In all areas of my life. I might have put a pretty bow on it, and told myself this was a pretty good place to be, but it was not. My numbering system as the happiness scale was not at all what I would rate it looking back from where I am now.

I realized a few things. One-I really did know what my issues were- and was really able to identify where I needed work- but I had no fucking idea how to move. I was soooo stuck.

Two-I was really in my head processing and trying to bypass my work. I thought I could cognitively work my way around, over, or under. Any which way but through!

Three-this course is a wild, amazing and quick passage through the toughest, deepest, most wounded parts of ourselves that allows for healing and rebuilding in a way that I never imagined would be possible.

Four-I am not empty inside. I am alive and unique! I have intrinsic value and do not have to measure my worth day to day, by progress or setback. I am lovable, free, full of my own ideas. I like myself and love myself.

I am humbled and honored to have spent my time along side strong coaches and fellow course mates. I found a tribe.. This life changing evolution process has saved my life..."

Phoebe Wing

Life changing. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I should be in her program...   Life has improved and it’s easier to do difficult things. People around me have noticed a positive change and I’m more communicative as well. I’ve just enrolled in the year long class and I’m excited!  Thanks Kelle ?

Derek Greene

Kelle is the best of the best!!! She has such an amazingly beautiful energy she brings into her work as a Transformational Shaman. I'm astounded by the transformation in myself and my life since starting her program. I am eternally grateful the universe brought her into my life.

Jami Arrington

Your insight and intuition about my own spiritual path was so helpful and enlightening! Sharing your reflection about how I was on the verge (or “pushed up against the doorway”) of a Shamanic Death has been crucial in my actions and spiritual journey in the past couple weeks. Learning what to let go of from my past self and how I can still be myself without the attachment to old identities and ego fluff has been very freeing, even if it was really hard to face.

Alie Huxta

This is a very good course.  I wish I had it 30 years ago! 

Jane Glesne

Kelle Sparta’s program is like connecting all the border pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. It feels so good to have your borders complete. So you can organize all the internal chaos. As someone who specializes in burnout, I was drawn to Kelle’s course. I wanted to understand how my challenged childhood contributed to my patterns around stress. I found her work to be extremely helpful for me… So many of us are afraid to look at the past. We don’t want to go into self-pity. We don’t want to think about it. Or we don’t want to bother because we’re too busy for that. But with the proper guidance, you don’t have to get sucked into the gritty details. 

Kelle helps you dig out the patterns so you can see how they are affecting your adult life. Doing this work helps you stand in your power again. It will transform your relationships. It will alter your confidence. It will leave you with a clear road map on how to get out of stress, so you can find a way back to your best life.

Elea Faucheron
Author, Move Think Smile

When I signed up, I wasn't sure what exactly to expect. I was curious about how this course would help in calming my monkey mind and the hamster that enjoys it's wheel a little too much. It certainly gave me a tool set to use to help me break my inner trappings of turmoil. Yes, some of the exercises were challenging, even met with resistance on my end. But it was worth every penny to have these tools at my disposal, to use through out my day/week/whatever to help me become a better person.

Ananda Walker

In just 6 months you’ll:

  • Go through the program as a student (you’ll do the program in 8 weeks rather than 16, so you can spend the rest of the time learning to market, sell, and coach it)
  • Learn to master the art of high-ticket small-group coaching online
  • Learn how to use energetics in the program and in your coaching to support your students’ growth
  • Get your funnel and follow-up systems set up to bring in business
  • Learn how to do sales conversations that convert – without feeling icky about it
  • Receive ongoing coaching


But It Doesn’t Stop There

There are another 6 months left in your program.  In that time, we’ll work on the internal blocks that get in the way of you having a successful business.  

  • Codependency with clients
  • Over-giving
  • Discounts and trades that sap your cash flow
  • Feeling not good enough
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Proper self-care
  • And more…

All while still supporting you in your marketing, sales, and coaching.


 Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 124 pieces of high-quality, proven online course content that produces results and is easily sharable with your students ($75,000 Value)
  • You’ll be listed on my website as a certified coach so you don’t have to build a website of your own ($2500 value)
  • A learning platform you don’t have to pay for ($1188/year Value)
  • Training on how to do my proprietary energy scan process which helps identify what blocks people are current dealing with and easily steps you into a conversation about how the program can help with those blocks ($2500 Value)
  • A complete marketing plan including all collateral materials ($50,000 Value)
    • Several 2-hour classes that you can use to bring people into a conversation about joining the program
    • Authorization to use any of my material from my podcast with over 300 episodes to create classes of your own
    • Complete instructions on how to make money while prospecting for people to opt into your program
    • Lead magnets – to get people on your mailing list
    • Facebook ad targeting – to get the right people into your sales funnel (this is worth its weight in gold – I spent over $7000 in ads to discover the right targeting)
    • Follow-up email sequences – to convert your followers into clients 
    • Weekly newsletter that you can send out as is or add to for your clients
  • A Complete Discovery Call System ($7500 value)
    • The questions to ask in your Discovery Call Opt-in
    • Pre-call email sequence to prep them to buy and weed out the people with no money
    • Sales script to enroll clients
  • Confirmation email sent to every enrolled client by my staff
  • A contract your clients will sign when we onboard them that will set proper expectations ($1500 Value)
  • We will process all your charges through our merchant account – so you don’t even have to get one of your own.  This also means we’ll deal with any payment issues, expired, cards, etc. (Priceless)
  • A Team doing a TON of the backend work for you – my team will onboard your clients, set up your discussion groups, upsell clients into the next program, send out weekly email newsletters, place ads, and more.  ($16,800 Value)
  • One year of weekly group coaching calls to help you with marketing, sales, coaching, and more! ($15,000 value)


That’s a total value of $171,988 and an ongoing cost savings of $17,988/year

All for only $12,000!

YES! Sign Me Up!


Are you wondering where all those Value numbers came from?  Those are the actual dollar amounts that I spent on those things.  Those are not made-up or puffed numbers. 

Those represent the money I have actually spent, am currently spending, or which you would spend now for the services and information provided. 

For the content, it’s the money I spent learning the information contained in the materials (honestly I probably spent more). 

For the marketing, it’s the money I spent testing ads, hiring coaches, and paying for copywriting.

None of these numbers include the cost of my time – and I spent a LOT of that on getting this system to work.  

You don’t have to choose between doing coaching, healing, energy, psychic and other work. In this program, you’ll be integrating your energetics with your practical coaching tips. This is a powerful combination that makes massive change in a short time.

This course will teach you how to offer HIGH TICKET coaching. Instead of struggling along at $200 or $500 per student, you’ll be taking home over $2,300 per student.

This course provides an integrated, holistic approach to create real transformation for your clients. The work they do in this course will change their lives for the better, forever.

You’re not just teaching people coping mechanisms for when they feel bad. You’re helping them not feel bad anymore – no coping mechanisms needed.

You’ll get not only the course materials, but you won’t have to buy a lot of extras. We provide you with the learning platform and marketing materials which saves you thousands of dollars each year.

The only things you’ll have to pay for is a Calendly account (free) to take appointments and any ads, booth or show fees, or marketing materials you need depending on the marketing approach you choose for your business (we offer many options to choose from).

You won’t go it alone.  We partner up our coaches.  For the first year, you’ll co-enroll, co-teach, and co-support with your fellow coach.  This way it isn’t on just one of you to fill your groups and you don’t have to worry if you don’t know the answer – there’s another coach there to support you. After that, you’re free to continue as partners or break off on your own.  (BTW – co-enrolling is a great way to keep up momentum AND be able to have someone cover when you go on vacations, etc.)

You will also receive access to a discussion group for certified coaches so you can:

  • Share tips and tricks for marketing
  • Ask questions about the materials
  • Get help answering tough questions
  • And have camaraderie with other business owners just like you.

You will have the ability to expand your business by getting certified for the next program in the series. Ultimately, there will be 3 full programs that you can get certified for – giving you the ability to expand your revenue per client from $2,300 to almost $30,000.

And, until you get the additional certifications, you can make great referral fees by referring the clients that have completed your course to the other courses.

All of this while working a completely reasonable schedule and having a fulfilling life.

All you have to do is follow the directions and start making money.

** Earnings listed are examples only and are not guaranteed. You will only get out of this what you put into it.  

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